TRIM is proudly announcing that we have launched the first-ever Pakistani Social Networking Platform Sosho. This social network has gathered all the major features of top social media networks in one platform for Pakistanis.

Although all major social network platforms are easily accessible everywhere in Pakistan, however, there is always a fear of their service discontinuity at any time in Pakistan. Since these social networking companies are based outside of Pakistan, they do not follow Pakistani laws. The majority of Pakistanis think that the free availability of some content on these websites is against the norms and values of Pakistani society. On the other hand, these companies think that it is freedom of speech, as long as the content does not conflict with the company policy, anybody can upload it. However, the govt. of Pakistan, being the representative of the public majority, try to resolve it by asking these networks to ban such stuff from their websites, and if they refuse to do so, the govt. of Pakistan block them. So there is always an opportunity for a local social network that can provide a virtual place where Pakistanis can spend their time without any fear of seeing the stuff against their social norms and values.

Sosho has provided a safe and free social network to the general public, where every Pakistan can socialize without any fear of getting hurt by any anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan, or any adult material in the name of freedom of speech.

Currently, this social network will be available in the English language, however, Urdu will be embedded into this network very soon. There are other languages’ patches that are also under consideration including Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian languages.

Friday, August 14, 2020

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